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As most of you may know, TUSD is financially challenged right now. It may be some time before the district buys any instruments for the Ranger Band. In spite of that, the band continues to grow! It is a fantastic problem to have! For the last few years, we have been shouldering the cost of all replacement instruments. Much of our inventory is decades old. We need donors to help us modernize and upgrade our failing instruments. Here are some instruments we desperately need and approximate costs.

4 Mellophones – $1100-$1500 each. Over the past three years, boosters and donors have purchased 6 new mellophones. The whole section is now at least playing instruments in the same key! Four more would give us a complete set.

4 Flugelhorns – $400-$1000 each. Every good jazz ensemble should have a set of flugelhorns. Our school only owns two, which means when a piece calls for flugels, we can’t really use them because we don’t have a full section. The wide range of prices is due to the fact that sometimes there are available some very good Chinese imports that are copies of well-known, respected models. Also, in the case of flugels, it is often better to buy a higher-level used one than a lower level new one.

6 Marching Baritones – $2100-$2500 each. Our baritones are a mismatched, ragtag collection of instruments from many different sources. They are cast-offs and hand-me-downs. It is the next big project once we are set with mellophones.

10 Sousaphones – $7000 each. Sousaphones have gotten very expensive as metal prices go up and the number of companies building them goes down. Most of the sousaphones we have now are ones that were originally bought by the UofA in 1981. Ten years later they were sold to TUSD and have been held together ever since with duct tape and baling wire! It is definitely time to start upgrading our instruments to some that have a chance of being played in tune.

1 English Horn – $5-6000. To my knowledge, Rincon-University has never owned an English horn, which is not a brass instrument, but a variant of the oboe. Most serious concert band pieces have a part for the English horn and we are precluded from playing many pieces because they call for an English horn solo. As far as I know, the district only owns one and it is at Sabino.

1 Set of Battery Drums – $12,000. We are fast approaching the time when our battery drums will need to be replaced. This would be perfect for a corporate/business donation or sponsorship.

If you have the means and interest in purchasing an instrument for the band, please email the director at director@rangerband.com. Your donation can be as private or public as you wish. Partial donations to the instrument-replacement fund are always welcome as well.

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